Monday 8 June 2015

Great Indian Hornbill

Why in news?
The mascot of the 35th National Games held in Kerela in 2015 was Ammu, The Great Hornbill (the The Great Indian Hornbill). It is the State bird of Arunachal Pradesh and Kerela.

Great Indian Hornbill
Great Indian Hornbill
  Key features
  • Scientific name: Buceros bicornis
  • Important in many tribal cultures
  • Large sized - 95–130 cm (37–51 in) long, with a 152 cm (60 in) wingspan
  • most prominent feature of the hornbill is the bright yellow and black casque on top of its massive bill
  • Long life - Can live upto 50 years in captivity
  • Omnivorous, but predominantly frugivorous (Fruit eater)
  • have prominent eyelashes
  • males are larger than females
Geographical location: mainly dense old growth (unlogged) forests in hilly regions
  • Forests of Nepal, India, Mainland Southeast Asia and Sumatra
  • South Asia - 
    • few forest areas in the Western Ghats
    • forests along the Himalayas
Conservation status

'Near threatened' in IUCN Red List


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