Saturday 27 June 2015

Oraon tribe

Why in news?
Women belonging to the Oraon tribe — one of the poorest in Chhattisgarh — here now run pig farms and brick kilns, work as masons, contractors and suppliers in various departments, run the Collectorate canteen and supervise its parking area, and, in a first for the state, drive auto-rickshaws.
Oraon Tribe

  • aka Kurukh tribe
    • Oraon appears to have been assigned to them as a nickname by their masters, possibly with reference to their many migrations and proneness to roam, however, they prefer to be called Kurukhar
  • Main area" Eastern Indian and Bangaldesh
  • They consume an alcoholic drink called handiya, a rice wine
  • known for their dance, music and unique musical instruments
  • Their religion is Sarna
Source: Wikipedia
  • Sarnaist followers have been organising protests and petitions to have their religion recognised by the government of India in census forms.
  • In 2013 Sarnaist followers have organised a protest against use of indigenous imagery by Christians in order to attract converts
  • They worship a god who is the creator of the universe, variously called Dharmesh or Singbonga, or by other names by different tribes, and Chalapachho Devi, the mother goddess identified as the earth, nature, and world tree symbolised by the sal tree. Dharmesh is believed to manifest in sal trees.


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