Wednesday 22 July 2015

Cryogenic Rocket Engine for GSLV Mk III

Why in news?
An indigenous cryogenic rocket engine being developed to power India’s most powerful rocket system, the GSLV Mk III, underwent a successful endurance test for a duration of 800 seconds on July 16 at ISRO’s propulsion complex at Mahendragiri

Source: Times of India

In December 2014, ISRO carried out an experimental flight of GSLV Mk III with a dummy C25 cryogenic stage that should in an actual flight provide 50 per cent of the thrust.

The cryogenic C25 stage engine operates on Gas Generator Cycle using extremely low temperature propellants:

  • Liquid Hydrogen at 20 Kelvin (-253 degree C) and 
  • Liquid Oxygen at 80 Kelvin (-193 degree C)

The cryogenic engine which will power the upper stage of the GSLV Mk III was fired for a period that is 25% longer than required in a space flight with a nominal thrust of 19 tonnes and its performance matched prediction made through computer simulation 

Indian capabilites are currently in the two tonne-plus range.

[Ref: ToI and Indian Express]


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