Wednesday 22 July 2015

Indian Naval Indigenisation Plan 2015-2030

Why in news?
The Navy has unveiled a 15-year plan to achieve full indigenisation in all phases of warship construction, from ship-building to systems to weapons, and aligned it with Prime Minister's “Make in India.”  The Navy wants to involve private industry in a big way in this initiative.


Source: The Hindu

  • A warship can be broadly divided into three segments — float, move and fight. 
    • Float - 90 % indigenisation 
    • Move (propulsion) - 60 %
    • Fight (weapons) - 30 % 
      • which are priority areas to be addressed.
  • Among platforms, a major area of concern is helicopters. 
    • huge opportunity for indigenisation of our future naval aviation assets
  • The Navy has individual plans for capacity augmentation — 
    • the Indian Maritime Capability Perspective Plan for fleet augmentation, 
    • Maritime Infrastructure Augmentation Plan and 
    • the Maritime Cooperation Roadmap all of which are from 2012 to 2027.
More details:
Source: Times of India

[Ref: Times of India, The Hindu]


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