Sunday 5 July 2015

Land Acquisition Bill | Consent, SIA, Food Security

Why in news?
Options are being discussed to find a meeting ground for the government and the Opposition parties on three contentious provisions of the Land Bill — 

  • the consent clause, 
  • the social impact analysis and 
  • issues related to food security.
The Consent Clause:

Source: The Hindu

The proposal is to have following in Exempt Category,  when the Centre owns the land.:
  • defence, 
  • rural infrastructure, 
  • affordable housing, 
  • industrial corridors and 
  • infrastructure
  • those acquisitions for PPP projects where land will continue to vest with the government will be exempted.
A new category of “essential infrastructure” will be created and defined for both rural and urban areas that will be exempted even from this redefined consent clause.

Social Impact Assessment Clause:
Proposal to break it up into two parts: 
  • decide whether or not to go ahead with acquisition; and, 
  • decide on compensation and rehabilitation and resettlement and apply as per requirements of the projects.

Screen grab - Source: The Hindu

[Source: The Hindu]


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