Monday 13 July 2015

Money to save Endangered Animals

Why in news?
  • Dugong (sea cow), Gangetic dolphin, Great Indian Bustard, Manipur brow antler deer (Sangai) and wild water buffalo -for now and take up others in due course. 20 crores allocated for same
    Image Source Times of India

How will it work?
  • Habitat and species specific conservation measures, based on global standards. 
  • States will also be approached to take part in these efforts through policy intervention while keeping in mind livelihood issues

More Money
  • The amount will increase once the government is able to unlock its Rs 38,000 crore fund by getting a proposed legislation to this effect passed during the monsoon session of Parliament 2015.
  • ad hoc body -Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) -
    • besides increasing forest cover, the fund lying unsepnt for years with CAMPA is also meant to protect endangered species of flora and fauna including conservation of wildlife reserves and ecologically sensitive areas.
Other initiatives
  • Creation of city forests under 200 municipal bodies across the country through `urban forestry' scheme, launching of `school nurseries' programme, setting up biomass-based power project in Arunachal Pradesh and monitoring of corals and mangrove in the Islands.

[Ref - Times of India]


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