Friday 31 July 2015

Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2015

  • -amends the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
  • -It brings e-carts and e-rickshaws under ambit of the parent Act
    • -defines E-carts and e-rickshaws as special purpose battery powered
    • vehicles with power up to 4000 watts and having 3 wheels.
    • -these vehicles can be used for carrying goods or passengers.
  • - It also mentions that these vehicles should be manufactured, equipped and maintained in accordance with specifications as prescribed by Union government.
  • - exempts drivers of e-rickshaw and e-cart from the requirement of learner’s licence to drive.
  • - gives powers to Union government to make Rules on the specifications for e-carts and e-rickshaws, and the conditions and manner for issuing driving licenses.


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