Saturday 18 July 2015

Thirty Meter Telescope | Indian perspective

Why in news?
Hawaiians are protesting against TMT construction amidst environmental concerns.

Details of TMT

  • Belong to 'new technology' telescope
  • Will be segmented mirror telescope 
  • Being ground based TMT - limited resolution because of atmospheric turbulence
  • Adaptive optics
    • The systems designed to sense atmospheric turbulence in real time  - make apt corrections to beam - enable true image on ground - limited only by optical diffraction
    • This will make it 12 times better than Hubble Telescope

Signed by 5 partner countries - 
  • Canada, Japan, India, China, America [To remember - CJICA - 4 near Hawaii]

Indian participation 

  • in 2010 as observer state
  • 2014 Dec - Signed Master Partnership Agreement India as Full fledged partner
  • India to give 1000 cr i.e. 10% of project
  • Contribution mostly in Kind - [Telescope control systems bana ke de rahe hain]
    • Will Make edge sensors
      • (by giving information) which will help in better image
    • Which sense relative displacement of segments due to gravity and temperature while tracking objects in the sky - this will help in moving all the 492 mirrors (by giving information) which will help in better image
        • May provide a part of such mirrors
    • Actuator systems
      • The system which moves these mirrors
    • The system which moves these mirrors
    • Mirror coating system being designed by India
  • Indian nodal agency will be Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore

Benefits to India
  • India will get proportional time as per its contribution to cost i.e. 10%
  • Opportunity to scientists
  • SnT power of the world
  • Better institutional capacity of India

India's present telescopes
  • One two metre optical class telescope
  • 3.6 m - Hanley ladakh Telescope

Other telescopes in world
  • 39M E-ELT - Europen Extremely Large Telescope

Details of the Project:

Source: Indian Express


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