Monday 6 July 2015

Vijendra Singh enters Professional Boxing/Prizefighting

Why in news?

  • Vijendra Singh turned pro
    • Signed a multi-year promotional agreement with Queensberry Promotions through IOS Sports & Entertainment
  • He won Bronze medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics

What is Professional boxing or prizefighting?

  • It is a boxing bout fought for purse(money) which is divided between the boxers as determined by contract. 
  • They are generally supervised by a regulatory authority to guarantee the fighters' safety. 
    • Most high-profile bouts obtain the endorsement of a sanctioning body, which awards championship belts, establishes rules, and assigns its own judges and referee.
  • Protective headgear is not permitted, and boxers are generally allowed to take substantial punishment before a fight is halted

  • The most widely used scoring system since the mid-twentieth century is the "10-point must system", so named because a judge "must" award ten points to at least one fighter each round (before deductions for fouls).
  • Professional bouts are limited to a maximum of twelve rounds, most are fought over four, six, eight or ten rounds depending upon the experience of the boxers. Through the early twentieth century, it was common for fights to have unlimited rounds, ending only when one fighter quit or the fight was stopped by police.
Famous Pro Boxers
  • Manny Pacquiao
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Cassius Clay, who changed his name to Muhammad Ali
How turning pro will affect Vijendra?
  • Not  represent India anymore
  • No grants from the sports ministry
  • His job status with Haryana police is still not clear
  • Turning pro is tough and demanding. Supreme level of fitness is required to compete at this level


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