Friday 9 October 2015


  • Issues in Maldives:
    • Blast on PPResidential speed boat
    • Drug menace - major issue in a young demography
    • ISIS - over 200 joined 
      • equivalent to 6 lakh from India!
    • Danger of extremism
    • Nasheed was unjustly denied presidential office through machination, continues to linger. 
  • Potential:
    • almost 100 per cent literacy, 
    • a satisfactory healthcare system,and 
    • the highest per capita GDP in South Asia, 
      • fuelled largely by high-end tourism.
  • Solution:
    • The unconditional release of Nasheed would be the first essential step, one which should be followed by an offer of dialogue with the opposition. On the other hand, the MDP must join hands with the government to combat extremism and drugs.
    • India's role:
      •  India can, and must, lend a helping hand. The West has been unequivocal in its criticism of human rights violations in the Maldives. India, as a neighbour with major strategic interests, does not have this luxury. 
      • India has out of necessity adopted a nuanced and incremental approach. It is, of course, crucial that New Delhi actively engages Gayoom and his government.


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