Thursday 11 February 2016

'MODERN HISTORY' Lecture 83: Indian Freedom Movement during World War II

Modern History of India Lecture Series:
The LATEST Lecture 83: 'Indian Freedom Movement during World War II' is now ONLINE.
Check it out here: YouTube Channel:

The lecture includes:
1) Background 00:30
2) Condition proposed by Congress for participation in World War II 2:42
3) Wardha Congress Committee Meeting 5:40
4) British Response 9:27
5) Holwell Monument (Black-hole of Calcutta) 14:19


  1. Sir please upload pdf since it is summary of more than 2 book. It will help in revision.

  2. Sir modern history videos are marvellous plz upload world history plz sir plz

  3. Plz mail your link for world history plz if you don't want to upload videos then plz share your notes of world history plz sir

  4. Not having enough time plz sir plz your modern history was awesome that's very detailed version and me lot in various exam