Friday 5 June 2015

Frothing of Water Bodies | Pollution

Why in news?

Severe frothing in Belandur and Varthur lakes, the lakes of Bengaluru, led the authorities to propose criminal cases againt people polluting the lakes. 
Apart from this, several lakes in India are a victim of this major pollution hazard. Let's try and understand more about it.

A microbe solution was sprayed into Bellandur lake on May 28.— Photo: Sudhakara Jain
Frothing (Source: Sudhakara Jain, The Hindu)

What causes such frothing in water bodies?

Sewage and Industrial wastes dumped in water bodies are the likely causes of frothing. This leads to:

High Ammonia + High Phosphate + Low dissolved Oxygen ----> Froth formation

Affects of frothing
  1. Catches fire at times
  2. Foul smell
  3. Increase in mosquito populations
  4. Skin irritations
  5. Damage to flora fauna of the lake

Several preventive and curative measures are called for.
  1. Stricter enforcement of pollution control laws and rules
  2. Community sensitisation campaigns to invoked their participation
  3. Phased program for rejuvenating water bodies which would include - aeration, bio-remediation, and beautification of the water bodies
  4. Long term - To ensure regular maintenance of these rejuvenated water bodies, development of these sites tourist spots.


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