Tuesday 28 July 2015

Tortoise Festival Hojong Lake, Terrapin

Why in news?
Source: India Today
3rd Tortoise Festival took place at Hojong Lake in Assam on February 21, 2015. The festival was organized by Environment and Forest Department Dima Hasao district.


  • aimed towards bring awareness among the people, about the safety of the endangered tortoise species available in the area. 
  • Various activities were performed at the tortoise festival to save the endangered species.

About Hajong Lake:

  • Hajong Lake is popularly known as the tortoise lake, which is a unique and only natural tortoise habitat.
  • The lake is situated in Assam.
  • According to a report, the lake has around 400 to 500 tortoises dwelling in it. 
    • Hill Terrapins, which are some of the endangered species of tide-water tortoise of north-east India, inhabit in Hajong Lake are in hostile conditions.
  • The place was visited by some of the scholars from Bombay Natural Science Society, to study on these endangered species- Hill Terrapins. The scholars are now planning to save these rare species with the help of local villagers and leaders.
  • Hajong people are spread out across North East India West Bengal and Bangladesh. Majority of the Hajongs are settled in India.

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