Friday 4 September 2015

Road Transport and Safety Bill

  • to provide a framework for  
    • safer, faster, cost effective and inclusive movement of  
    • passengers and freight in the country thus 
    • enabling the mission of ‘Make in India’.

  • 2 lakhs lives to be saved in first 5 years (road traffic accident deaths)
  • 4% GDP improvement by increased efficiency and safety of road transport sector
  • 10 lakh jobs to be created with increase in investment in the sector
  • Departures from the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act 
    • safety in construction, design, maintenance and use of motor vehicles and roads

  • The Bill also includes the setting up of a Highway Traffic Regulation and Protection Force (HTRPF).
  • fines are too high.
  • Motor Vehicle Act 1988 will be scrapped and State RTOs will close. 
    • instead - a Central authority will be created and private entities will issue and renew licences.
  • encroaches upon the financial, legislative and administrative powers of state governments.
  • against the principles of jurisprudence.


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