Saturday 13 June 2015

Child Labour

Why in news?
June 12 was World Day Against Child Labour.

What are the latest amendments to the Child Labour Act?

For a detailed explanation CLICK HERE.

Source: Indian Express
What are the solutions?

International Movement of Working Children adopted the Kundapur Declaration, drafted by working children from 36 countries. They proposed a comprehensive set of solutions:

  1. Working Children's Bodies should be consulted, their initiatives recognised, and their products not boycotted; 
  2. Their work should be respected and made safe; 
  3. Access to appropriate education, professional training and quality healthcare; 
  4. Poverty should be addressed aggressively; 
  5. Rural development to stem rural-urban migration be made a priority; 
  6. Exploitation of their labour should be brought to a halt. 
  7. Apart from tonnes of regular stuff that you can think of....

[Sources: Indian Express, The Hindu]


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